Magic Of Poems….

poems create magic,
poems create smiles,
they create happiness,
without them, the life is just futile,

a poem spreads light,
when the world is dark,
it breaks the gloomy silence,
with its soulfull spark,

sometimes words so soft,
like a whisper in a beloved’s ears,
and sometimes so relaxing,
removing all our fears,

reminding something from a historical epic,
and then taking us to a fairy tale ride,
giving you words to explain yourself,
and then giving you enough space to hide,

giving you courage to rule the world,
pushing you on the success road,
and then giving you reasons to love,
and a warm welcome to the sweet abode,

filling us with a positive aura,
these poems can brighted up our lives,
these can teach you to be a winner,
for in the end, only a winner survives,

my poems are my prayer of love,
to ask for god’s compassionate grace,
and then i set my words free,
to find themselves their rightful place (in someone’s embrace)

Gurnam Singh Sodhi
17th November, 2010


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