You Have Been Warned By James Patterson

Overall Rating : 2.5 stars
Date Completed: 7th January, 2012
The novel is a thriller/ suspense along with dealing about foreseen events in a dream.


Kristin is wannabe photographer who wants to work for a reputed magazine. “Don’t think, Just shoot” is what she has learned and seriously follows. She uses an old negative role camera for her passion. She lives with her camera all the time and whenever she is upset, her developing room in her apartment is the place where she goes and forgets the entire world outside it.

Till she gets a big break in any magazine,she works as a full time nanny to the Turnbulls looking after two very very sweet kids. Sean and Dakota.

You’ve been naughty, very naughty.
She has a major distraction from her career path. She has an affair with a married man. The man of her dreams is a business tycoon and keeps her has a keep. He is another reason of working as a nanny. He is the father of Sean and Dakota. Michael is always able to convince her that he will divorce his wife who is a annoying daughter of a rich man. He married her only for her money and her father’s reputation. 
You’ve been warned.

Her life changes when she dreams of an after murder events happening outside a hotel. The dreams are recurring and the events start happening in real. She starts seeing dead people from her past who keep on warning her about what she is doing. The photographs she clicks start showing the ghostly effects which don’t let her show the pictures to anyone because no one will believe them. A series of events occur because of which she also has to see a psychiatrist.

My Review:

The book is not the best work of James Patterson. The series of the events in the book are not gripping and lack a co-ordination amongst themselves. Dividing the book in 111 very very small chapters is a major turn off. Same scene goes into 10-12 chapters sometimes, which is really annoying. There seems a repetition of events many times. Her encounter with the Mrs. Turnbull and her kids is slightly interesting.
The positive things about the book is the keeping the mystery locked. The reader tries to guess the events but is not able to really get the picture of what’s going on.
The best part (and only good thing) of the book is the end. The author finally gets some grip over the novel. Everything starts making sense. Few questions which were repeated many times and gets really annoying are finally answered in the end. 

 Sometimes even a small thing becomes the life of a book and sometimes even a smaller mistake takes the life out of the book. This book is having fewer things to give it a life and many things to take it away. Read it only if you don’t have anything else with printed words.


One thought on “You Have Been Warned By James Patterson

  1. Ashwin D says:

    Good review mate, i got the whole idea of book by just reading your post. Thanks and a good start, may you go long long brother! 🙂 Much Love ❤

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