Princess By Jean Sasson

Genre: Biography
Date Completed 15th January, 2012
Overall Rating : 4/5

“Princess” is the first book of the trilogy by Jean Sasson dedicated to the Princess Sultana of the Saudi Arabia and reveals the cruel, extravagant, lavish and scandalous lifestyle of the men in the country. The author happened to be working in Saudi Arabia and came in contact of the princess who asked her to write a story on her life so that people all around the world may come to know the condition of women in the Arab Country. The story has been told in first person. This part of the trilogy deals with the childhood and early marriage life of the princess.
The narrator takes you through a full time travel and describes the history of Saudi Arabia and its various rulers. The plight of the women is described in very touchy words. Though the story is based in the royal palaces, still the life of the women is not more than a slave. The women are considered as objects to satisfy men and are supposed to live under their ruler-ship. The verses of Koran have been misinterpreted by men as per their convenience.
The social evils of polygamy, many children, preference to sons, buying and selling of brides has been explained in such a manner that the heart cries. For a first time reader who has not read or heard about Arab counteries, it is very difficult to believe the events described in the book.
My Review:
The story is narrated very nicely and takes you to inside the palace of royal family. I had seen the condition of women in Afghanistan so the events were not a big surprise but a lot of things are very shocking for first time reader on this kind of issue. That’s why it grabs your attention from beginning till the end.
The book opens our eyes on culture, society, and issues so far away from ours. How in the other part of the world, there are places where woman has almost no value. No voice. No future. No use but a sex object. And therefore, no meaningful existence.
It is to be noted that the book is not all sad and one smiles on the mischievous and troubling nature of the little princess. How she keeps troubling her evil brother and how she has a lot of dreams of bringing a revolution in her country to change the condition of women.
Overall a good read and a gripping narration but after completing the book i am not inclined towards reading the other two parts of the trilogy.


2 thoughts on “Princess By Jean Sasson

  1. Jean Sason says:

    Hi! So pleased that you read the book about Princess Sultana and that you have such nice things to say about the book. Thanks for your very thoughtful review. Jean

  2. it was a pleasure to read your book. Really Nice description of various events and emotions of the princess. 🙂

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