Can Love Happen Twice By Ravinder Singh

Genre: Romantic, Fiction
Date Completed: 25th January, 2012
Overall Rating : 3.5/5
Can Love happen Twice? is second book by Ravinder Singh, a sequel to his first masterpiece “I Too Had A Love Story”. It was a much awaited book after the huge success of his first book which beautifully described his true love for his girlfriend. The book ended on a sad note when his girlfriend died and he went into a depression zone. Everyone had same question in their mind. “What happened to Ravin?” ” Will he find true love again?” “Can he, or a matter of fact anyone else, can have same feelings again after loving a girl so much?” 
This second book was going to be an answer to that.
The book is told as a narration of Ravin’s story by his friends during a radio program in Chandigarh on evening of Valentines day. 
‘Ravin’ after going through a big loss and then writing a book dedicated to his love was not able to come out of misery. And then after a long period of sorrow, he tries to come out of the phase and goes to onsite job to Belgium looking for a change in his life. Change in everything, his surroundings, people around him, the locations around him which reminded him of his past every now and then. Their he starts his life and very soon he finds someone to whom he is attracted after very long time. ‘Simar’ a MBA student  stays at a hostel which is very near to Ravin’s office. Destiny makes them meet again and again and slowly they get attracted towards each other. Simar, after knowing the past of Ravin, sees a very romantic and caring lover in him & Ravin finds everything cute and loavable in her. 
Suddenly, after staying there for 10 months, Ravin has to come back to India. The distance seems to add to their love. They had already decided to marry. When Simar comes to India, Ravin meets her rich parents in Gurgaon. But she, in herself, had a wish they would stay in Belgium without Ravin’s parents. He is not ready to agree to this. He tries hard to convince her but fails to do so. Finally exactly on the date his first love died, his second love ends with a breakup. He goes in depression and ends up in rehabilitation center.
My Views:
The book is written very well and tries to teach the youth to understand the real meaning of love and the importance of understanding each other and compromises to keep the love and happiness alive in a relationship. The story is very romantic and goes through the ups and downs of a relation as in real life. The author has not revealed that weather the story is a fiction or real. So we can say the part of the story is real. 
After a masterpiece is written and a benchmark set, it is very difficult to redo the magic. The narration in this book is also commendable and it is very hard to leave the book before finishing it. But the end could have been much better. The last few pages take some beauty out of the book.
Overall the book is a nice read. 

One thought on “Can Love Happen Twice By Ravinder Singh

  1. Ellie says:

    Welcome to Mixing It Up 2012! Congratulations on a third category down already, what a great start to the year… Keep commenting on my challenge post so I can tick off your categories as you read – but just so you know, you don't have to add each review link to the Linky, that's just a participant list. I've deleted the duplicate entries for you so just keep commenting as you read! 🙂

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