The Injured me…. part 2

The arm in a cast, doctor advising me for next few days and warning me for the night ahead, i was thinking about just one thing, how i am going to tell all this to my mom. How will i soothe her when she will start crying on her helplessness of not being with me. and next thoughts were how i am going to do my daily tasks with one hand for next few days.. which was going to be a very long time in real. About two months. Damn. Leave the office work or the house construction, what about taking a bath, washing clothes, changing clothes, brushing, shaving etc. The small things were more scary.
The doctor warned me against sleeping that night. The painkillers every three hours were supposed to keep the pain down. But the real pain was something else. It would come when i call home at 9.
That night my friend tried to give me company through the night, but i was ok. I was tweeting with single hand and telling everyone about it. My sister @sai_ki_bitiya got worried and scolded me for not riding the bike with precautions. She wanted me to show her the cast, but i was not able to as i did not have any webcam or a smart phone for that. I was supposed to be up for the entire night. and people were trying to keep me up by chatting with me. I told Arshdeep on gtalk. Just a acquaintance, a couple of meetings before that and still she was so much concerned. She actually told our another friend to chat with me just to keep me awake. That was awesomely cute and caring. With so many people showing care and love, i was thoroughly touched.
Counting your blessings is very important and helpful in keeping you cheered up.
The night passed with about an hour’s sleep in the end but with the hand in perfect position with help of pillows and blankets. The next day, i refused to stay at home and decided to go to office. It is funny how some silly games played at childhood come true suddenly. We used to play catching each other with running only on one leg. I found it very similar as i was trying to do the daily chores with single hand. One can imagine how i managed it all. I tried to take minimum help from my friend.
I finally called home. With trembling lips i started with sentence that there has been a little problem. And her reaction immediately filled tears in my eyes. She sensed it. and asked me instantly,” are you alright?”
I tried to tone down the accident news by mentioning few scratches and a precautionary cast by the doctor. She was worried but she acted strongly to give me moral strength. I tried hard to control myself and was just convincing her that it will be fine very soon. But of course, you can’t fool a mother.
The office went through fine with all the attention from everyone asking me about my accident and the cast. I was acting very casually and telling them that it is all fine and i don’t feel that sort of pain which they are expecting. The evening came, my friend took me again to the hospital for second x-ray to see whether the bones were connected  in proper location or not. The result was satisfactory and the revised medication was prescribed.
It was going to be a long 6 week cast and i had to live through it. My self respect ( or ego) was not allowing me to go to relative’s place who live in the same city. I decided to stay alone in PG. As per my mother’s instructions I informed them. They came to see me the next day and to my disappointment and satisfaction at the same time they did not offer me to stay with them.
The days went by slowly and i slowly became more and more self dependent. I did not go home during that period.

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