The Injured me… Part 3

As they say, the troubles never come alone. A jerk property dealer was trying to grasp our land from us. With duplicate papers and forged signatures, he had apparently sold the land to someone and when we started the construction work, he sent us the legal notice to us. To launch a official complaint against him, my mom had to come here. She came. First time she was seeing her son in this condition. She started crying at the bus stand when i reached there to console her. With visits to police commissioner and then local police stations, replying to the legal notice and many such things, the land issue is now resolved and the events involved call for another big diary entry.
Six weeks went by and the cast was removed a day before holi on my request to doctor. I finally went home for the festival. The hand was still not Ok. it had to go through a physiotherapy session. The doctor advised for it after observing the progress for almost a month. The physiotherapy or the pain sessions were supposed to last only 10 days. I was promised about the sure recovery within ten days. I had to go to visit his clinic daily and thus again became dependent on my friend to take me. He was preparing for CAT and hence had a very busy schedule after coming back from office. But he was kind and caring enough to take me their daily, sit for an hour during the session and then bring me back to home. I went through hot wax treatment, ultrasonic treatment and then the physical exercise for about half an hour and then the hot water fermentation after coming back. The pain was immense and was not settling even after 7-8 days. The 10 days session became 20 days and then another extension of 15 days. But still the pain was not settling in. And the movement of hand was restricted. My hand was not able to rotate. And it was early summers. I was warned that the situation will be worse during the winters. I was getting impatient. X-rays were done again and it was found that the bones have slight overlapping. The surgery could improve the movement but will reduce the gripping power of hand.
It was not good. The physiotherapist also gave up on me.
And, i had to be satisfied with whatever progress i made. As the doctors always promise that it will improve with time and all. I started working and taking it as a regular thing. The pain subsided and eventually vanished. The movement is still restricted a bit. But it does not hamper any work.
And with that the diary entry revisiting the accident comes to an end. It has been a year now. Due to many many many such incidences i declared 2011 the worst but most happening and most learning year of my life.But such experiences are never worth having and going through. With a prayer that God keeps us away from such events I once again repeat my belief, which holds good and will always be.
“Whatever happens, It happens for good.”
“जो हुआ, अच्छा हुआ, जो हो रहा है अच्छे के लिए हो रहा है, और जो होगा उसमे छुपी हुई अच्छाई के बारे में हम अंदाज़ा भी नहीं लगा सकते”

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