The Injured Me

No. The post title is not misleading at all and nor it is portraying any poetic condition of my heart. It is just an attempt to put in the simplest words, my condition and thinking process when i had met an accident exactly a year before. And you are not compelled to read it. It is nothing more than a late diary entry.
After reading many dedications to the accidents in the year that went by, I also felt it my duty to update a blog and then bury it in the sand dunes of time.
The accident occurred on 7th Feb, 2011 but i believe the proceedings started a day before.
It was Sunday on 6th Feb. I was Supervising the construction work of our house in Faridabad. Had started going there on bike very recently. The plot was being filled with sand to rise it up to the DPC level. In the evening when i was about to leave, i found my bike’s keys missing.
I have always been a strong believer of the thought, “Whatever happens, it happens for Good and we are not in the capacity to understand the goodness in anything”.
So I was not very much upset, and just thought of what to do. Tried to locate a key maker, but being a Sunday no shop was open. So definitely God did not want me to go on Bike that day. So i asked my cousin brother to take care of the bike while i’ll get the duplicate keys from Gurgaon the next day and will get the bike.
So, I went by bus that day and next day, after office, went back with the key. I had nothing else to do there and thus after pleasantries i left for Gurgaon. Being early days of Feb, the days were very short and it got dark very soon. The road from Faridabad to Gurgaon was under construction and the low areas were being filled and thus a huge level difference was there in two different sections of road.
On such a section, i was not on a very high speed (just around 30-40), my bike skid on loose gravels. Nothing much happened. I tried to balance but landed on my left hand with the weight of full bike. I did not realize what happened. Got away from bike quickly and sat on the road side. A car stopped and they took care of the bike and asked me about myself. He saw my hand and asked me about it. Then i noticed that i was not able to move it. I thought it to be minor shock and said it will be fine. But the person was very kind and checked it properly. He asked me to grip his hand and i was not able to do it. Now i was worried, not because of my hand but because of how will i ride my bike back home.
The person (aah, how could i miss asking the angel’s name) figured it out before me and stopped a bike with two people on it. He convinced them and one person was to ride my bike with me on the back seat and the other would ride their own. He was kind enough to give me his water bottle before leaving. I told him that i was not thirsty but he said that you will feel thirsty on the way.
While i was on back seat of my bike, many thoughts were coming to my mind. Is this a fracture? Is my bike OK? How i am going to tell my mother about it? Will the construction work get upset? Thank God i was wearing helmet. What if I was not? Why the hell did i come to take the bike today? Wasn’t the key getting lost yesterday was a signal enough? What if i had come yesterday itself? Could it be even more serious?
With all such thoughts in mind, the two people, who were also engineers and live in the sector nearby, dropped me home and left after just receiving thanks. I entered my room and told my friend about the accident. He immediately took me to hospital. There, the doctor told me that it could be a fracture. X-ray was taken and it was confirmed. The first thing which i said was, “Please don’t tell me it is going to be casted in plaster” He said of course it will be. That too for about 6-8 weeks. WTF.
The specialist was called and my arm was plastered after pain killers. Once again i asked him, ” Please don’t tell me that i’ll have to hang it around my neck.” and same reply was given to me followed by same reaction by me.

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