PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Moving On,
Date Completed : 12th February, 2012
Overall Rating : 4/5 
The book was pending for a long time. I even refused to watch the film before reading the book. Its a very famous book as well as a movie. So writing a review might not be very fruitful. 
The novel is a fiction work by the author describing the unending love between two lovers and then husband and wife. The love could not end even after death has parted them. 
Holly and Gerry, childhood sweethearts, got married. But soon after they find out that Gerry has a tumour and could not live for long. Holly was a carefree woman and Gerry was worried for her. So before leaving he left a list for her. The list had envelopes for each month of the year to come by which had instructions for her so that she is able to start living her life without him. Each envelope had a letter with some task at the top and PS I Love You written on the footnote. The time goes on and his letters along with her family and her best friends help Holly to move on in life
My Views:
The book is beautifully written with emotions filled in every page of the book. The endless love of both husband and wife is portrayed beautifully. The husband character and his feelings before dieing are equally marvelously explained as are the awful situation of wife after the tragic incidence. The book surely does lay emphasis of such great love in everyone’s life and inspires lovers to love each other like the characters. Also it shows the strength of someone who is left alone in this world and is forced to live with the memories forever. The importance of moving on and the thought that “The Life Goes on Whatever might be the situation” is underlined.
The book is surely a must read and a must keep. It deserves the affection and fame it has earned.

2 thoughts on “PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

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  2. Anonymous says:

    This was a very sad but meaningful book. Hearing the husband Gerry talk of what Holly must do was a very interesting take the writer took on for this book. It shows the love between them. She feels as if she will not be able to ever love again, but he shows her that its okay to let go. I highly recommend this book to anyone! PLEASE GO OUT AND BUY THIS BOOK ITS SURELY WORTH IT, LOVE EVERYONE WHO HAS GOOD TASTE IT BOOKS!

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