The Mood Swings

(This is not a medical article, so if you are looking for some remedy or counseling, you are at a wrong blog)

We get happy when someone loves us, when we get talked to by the people we like, when we are surrounded by our friends, when we feel important in any way. Everything feels alright. But suddenly something happens and we just get pissed of everything, we get annoyed by the interference of close ones, we want our solitude (after all we should spend some time with ourselves), we just want to shut the voices around us, we start to feel like we are not important to anyone. Everything just seems so fake and messed up. Yes, more or less, most of us are victims of mood swings.
Mood Swings!!! What’s that?
In simple words, a mood swing is a rapid change in mood, essentially visiting the extremes. Why does it happen? If its a girl people would say she is PMSing. If its a boy, then people will say he is behaving in girly manner. (Hey, boys are emotional creatures too). Some blame it to their sun-signs, moon-signs or numerology or tarot cards or just the news paper guy who threw the paper into the water pool in your garden. Psychiatrist would say its a mental disorder and counseling sessions are required. Physician would say these are symptoms of caffeine or nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Some not so witty guy would say it is just a “chemical locha” in your mind. Your friend will say “Tera to roz ka natak hai” and the girl or boy who “understands” you will decide to leave you alone and convince herself that you need time with yourself and the worst case, your parents would think that you are going through a breakup and fear that you will go to depression if they don’t interrupt.
But how do we define a mood swing. We, the victim of mood swings. If we analyze closely, it just depends on our expectations and how the world around us behaves in real. If there strikes a coincidence and things happen as we desire, or possibly even better than we expected, we get overjoyed. And suddenly something else broke the illusion that we are the ruler of our world, our heart goes into deep pit of depression. We start assuming that the happiness which came to us momentarily was FAKE and we are the most unlucky people on earth. 
What to do?
If I suggest anyone what to do to get rid of mood swings I would be like a doctor who has not tasted his own medicine. (Most of the doctors have not.. actually). But the thing is to come out of it as soon as possible. One thing I would mention is that it is perfectly alright to have mood swings. We are humans, we expect and sometime things don’t meet them. We just need to accept it. It might be someone else day to get what they want.
 As some wise man said “Everything is in our mind” So get it out of your mind. Good or bad… Any extreme is bad. So try to be in a balance mind. Try to forget which made you unhappy. Don’t think that remembering happy things about that that the same person will make you feel happy, it will just make the case worst. Music and good food help a lot. Those are not fools who say chocolates are mood up-lifters. And if it still does not help, Just sleep over it. A nice sleep helps forget biggest depression. (You can’t sleep? Sorry.. again wrong blog)
So in simple words, It is our problem and we have to get over it. No one but we ourselves can help us.

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