एक अन्जान दौड़

कभी सुबह सुबह दफ्तर जाते हुए,
गाड़ियों को देखा है?
कई आ रही हैं, कई जा रही हैं,
जाने किधर से, जाने किस ओर,
जैसे एक दूसरे का पीछा कर रही हों,
या दूर भाग रहीं हों एक दूसरे से,
कोई अपनी जगह से खुश नहीं है,
चला जाना चाहता है वहाँ,
जहाँ सब खुश हैं,
आखिर अपने सिवा हर कोई खुश ही दिखता है हमें,
पर कहीं जा नहीं पाते,
गले में कोई रस्सी पड़ी हो जैसे,
सुबह जहाँ से चले थे,
शाम को वापिस वहीं,
बस सफर करते रहते हैं,
बिना किसी मक्सद के,

किसी को नहीं पता कि क्या चाहिए,
बस दौड़ रहे हैं,
रेस के घोड़ों की तरह,
किसी और की जीत-हार के लिए,

घोड़े की आँखों पर तो चमड़े की पट्टी बँधी है,
आस पास का वो कुछ नहीं देख पाता,
और इन गाड़ियों में बैठे हम देखते नहीं,
बस आगे ही देखते हैं,
और बच्चे अगर बाहर देख कर कुछ छूना चाहें,
तो उन्हें भी डाँट कर चुप करा देते हैं,
बाहर मिट्टी है, गाड़ियों का धुआँ है,
शीशे बँद रखो और आगे देखो,
आगे बढ़ना सीखो,
नहीं तो पीछे रह जाओगे…..

‘आपकामित्र’ गुरनाम सिहं सोढी
२४ अप्रैल, २०१२


The secret of the Nagas By Amish Tripathi

Genre: Fiction, Mythological Fiction
Date completed: 23rd April, 2012
Overall Rating 3.5/5
The Secret of the Nagas is the sequel and the second book of The Shiva Trilogy. It is written as a continuation of the story as left in the previous book. The first book set a benchmark to be achieved in the forthcoming sequels. 
The story begins where it ended in the first book. After conquering the war against Chandravanshis, Shiva realizes that they are not evil in actual and are just different from Meluhans. The search for the Nagas make him discover new lands of Branga, and the further during the end the land of the Nagas, panchwati itself. Many secrets are revealed in this book and a lot many characters are introduced. The characters are well known in Hindu mythology but are used in the book with different story line and characteristics. The legend Neelkanth finds it hard to differentiate between good and the evil as everything which looks evil turns out to be just different from others existing. The search of the evil continues in order to establish an equilibrium. The book yet again ends at the beginning of a new episode, which makes us wait for the third and the final book.
My Views:
The story is written in continuation which makes it easier to read. But surely the simplicity of the first book is missing. Too many characters are introduced and that too without much description. In the first book, each character was described beautifully. That is missing here. Moreover, use of mythological character is too much modified. which makes it hard to swallow. Apart from this, the concept is nice and the language is above average.
The charm does not match with the first book but still it is a good read. And coming up to the expectations raised by the first book are very difficult to match. and hard attempt to do that is clearly visible. Slightly overdone. The story description leaves the readers in waiting for the third and the final book. Hope it comes soon.

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Genre: Classic, Children Book, Graphic
Overall Rating: 5/5 
Date Completed: 15th April, 2012
The Little prince is a graphic novel by a French author and fortunately translated in many languages. Apparently the author himself is a pilot and has written many classics in french. “The Little Prince” in itself is a class of literature. It is a reminder to every adult that they have a child in them and one should not let lose it somewhere. The author has explained this by telling his childhood events and how he used to describe things. And then he grows old and sees the world through mature eyes. Then he meets a little boy once again and realizes that he yearns to go back to his childhood.
The Author on his voyage has to do an emergency landing in a desert where he meets a little boy who says that he is a little prince from some other planet. In his stay with the little prince he comes to know more about his little planet and his voyage to earth. The Prince tells him about one rose on his planet whom he loves and three small volcanoes etc.
The book shows the world through the eyes of a little boy. Where adults are trapped on their own planets and think that they are the owner of the world and have big things to do. Other people are just means to accomplish his jobs. 
The essence and beauty of small things is beautifully described in this book. The little prince describe how simple it is to be and stay happy and also spread happiness all around. The only thing is that one tries to see the beauty in everything and a reason to smile in small things. 
My Views:
It is said that sometimes small packages have the best gifts hidden in them. So is the case with this book. Less than a hundred pages that too including sketches by a kid on every other page, generally it would take less than an hour to read this much amount of text. But not with this book because as you read it, you get lost in your childhood and how creatively you used to think and everything had a simple explanation and sometimes most complicated. 
In one of the chapters one line says, “no grown up will understand this.” Similarly I say that No Grown up can love this book. You have to have a child in you to understand the simplicity of the thoughts. No sensible thinking shall work. A Must Must Read Classic.

The Immortals of Meluha By Amish Tripathi

Genre: Fiction, Mythological Fiction,
Date Completed: 6th April, 2012
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Immortals of Meluha is the first book of the trilogy by Amish Tripathi. It is a mythological fiction written with a point of view that Lord Shiva is not a God as such. He might have been a great ruler, a great leader, a great warrior, but might have existed as a common man, a foreigner amongst a civilization which was almost perfect in their way. The novel begins with a foreigner coming to the land of Tibet seeking Shiva for he believes that Shiva is their savior as said by a prophecy. He convinces Shiva to leave his troublesome land where war rages every other day and warriors are forced to fight like barbarians.He escorts Shiva and his tribe to the well organized,prosperous land of Meluha. Meluha is the land dominated by the Suryavanshis who austerely abide by the rules set by Lord Rama thousands of years ago. But they get attacked by Chandravanshis, who ally with Nagas who do not follow any rules of war and are known as terrorists. The legend says that in such a time, a warrior will come as a foreigner, to destroy the evil and restore peace in the world.
The story revolves around Lord Shiva and his realization as Neelkanth, the orthodox traditions in Meluha, the life style of Suryavanshis and their rivalry with Chandravanshis. Neelkanth has not only to fight with evil in form of Chandravanshis but also evil traditions in Meluha itself like Vikram tradition.

My Views:
The Book is narrated in an awesome manner and qualifies to be one of the best novels by an Indian Author. Perfect description of each character, story narration, description of events and depiction of each emotion is very beautifully done in the book. The book is not only a page turner but it also keeps the reader’s attention glued. A perfect blend of humor, emotions, anger are the plus points of the book. Writing about some religion is always a risky business and writing about Gods while portraying them as simple human beings is like inviting troubles yourself. But this book is so beautifully written that people from every religion will enjoy it.

A benchmark is already set. The author needs to put a lot of effort in the sequel. Simply a marvelous book.