The secret of the Nagas By Amish Tripathi

Genre: Fiction, Mythological Fiction
Date completed: 23rd April, 2012
Overall Rating 3.5/5
The Secret of the Nagas is the sequel and the second book of The Shiva Trilogy. It is written as a continuation of the story as left in the previous book. The first book set a benchmark to be achieved in the forthcoming sequels. 
The story begins where it ended in the first book. After conquering the war against Chandravanshis, Shiva realizes that they are not evil in actual and are just different from Meluhans. The search for the Nagas make him discover new lands of Branga, and the further during the end the land of the Nagas, panchwati itself. Many secrets are revealed in this book and a lot many characters are introduced. The characters are well known in Hindu mythology but are used in the book with different story line and characteristics. The legend Neelkanth finds it hard to differentiate between good and the evil as everything which looks evil turns out to be just different from others existing. The search of the evil continues in order to establish an equilibrium. The book yet again ends at the beginning of a new episode, which makes us wait for the third and the final book.
My Views:
The story is written in continuation which makes it easier to read. But surely the simplicity of the first book is missing. Too many characters are introduced and that too without much description. In the first book, each character was described beautifully. That is missing here. Moreover, use of mythological character is too much modified. which makes it hard to swallow. Apart from this, the concept is nice and the language is above average.
The charm does not match with the first book but still it is a good read. And coming up to the expectations raised by the first book are very difficult to match. and hard attempt to do that is clearly visible. Slightly overdone. The story description leaves the readers in waiting for the third and the final book. Hope it comes soon.

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