The Forged Genius By Nimai Joshi

Genre: Fiction
Date Read: 1st May, 2012
Overall Rating: 4/5
The Forged genius is a book by Nimai Joshi, an Engineer, a genius himself. The book is about a lot of things. College life, love, drug addiction, life and search for happiness in general.
The story is about Arjun, whose childhood is disturbed due to his fighting and addict parents. He curses his life but then learns to ignore such things and move on with his life. In the process he becomes indifferent towards life. In college, he gets addicted to drugs. Meanwhile does find happiness in many things, but the loss of such things kept on making him like a machine and more addicted towards drugs. But then he finds the love of his life. A nice job, getting his friends back in life, family. But life again takes a turn and everything seems lost again.
With such ups and downs, the genius in Arjun keeps finding his way out.
My Views:
The book is written in exceptionally well manner with a story full of turns and twists but still very close to reality. The writing is full of witty and sarcastic sentences and incidences. The book is written by an engineer which depicts in many places with beautiful and easy explanation to many simple things. The symbolic references like the child learning tables, indifference towards life are a charm in the book. The genius and the instinct of the main character really impresses the reader and shows the intelligence of the author.
A lovely book. Quite Under-rated. Deserves a applause. 

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