Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson

Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Crime,
Date Completed: 17th July, 2012
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Before I go to sleep is a debut novel by S J Watson. It is a crime based thriller based on a woman who loses her memory every time she goes to sleep. It reminds you of the movie “50 first dates” by Adam Sandler but is quite different.
Christine Lucas wakes up in her room and realizes that some unknown man is sleeping with her. She can not remember how she ended up with an old man in this unknown house. When she goes to the bathroom and looks at the mirror and finds a middle aged woman staring at her, she is terrified. She can not recall anything from her recent years’ past. Then she is reminded by her husband that she had met with an accident and she can not retain her memory. She loses it every time she goes to sleep.
Later she finds out that she had been seeing a doctor for her treatment without knowledge for her husband. He had told her to keep a journal in which she keeps on writing whatever she can recall. And now everyday she reads the journal in the morning, and the information keeps on adding. She also has faint memories of her son, her old friend, old house and her childhood. She also starts recalling the real cause of her condition at present which was not a car accident as her husband tells her.
The novel is written on these lines and how she keeps remembering her past and how she realizes that her husband who tells her about her accident daily has been telling her lies after lies.
My Views:
The novel is nicely written and keeps you gripped to it until you finish it. The feelings of a woman are beautifully described which makes you feel that the author is a woman herself. The incidences are put together in a line very nicely. 
But the theme is not original and you keep going back to the movie which you saw and still can not forget because it was a wonderful love story. But its different. The twists in the book are not surprising. The reader is able to guess the events or the cause or effect of the particular event.
A nice read in a one go but with not high expectations.

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