Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Dark Sex
Date Completed: 27th July, 2012
Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Fifty Shades of Grey is the first book of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. It deals with the romance which is full of everything, love, lust, passion, possession. obsession, jealousy, innocence, sex, darkness, everything.  The book is divided in three parts and one part necessarily talks about one set of events. 
The story is about Anastesia Steel, an English student in Washington University who goes to interview a young entrepreneur  Christian Grey on behalf of her student editor friend Kate. Grey is very rich, very handsome but a mysterious character. The world knows very little about him. Ana finds herself getting attracted towards him from the very first meeting and so does Grey. Ana thinks the interview went badly but Grey smitten by her charm goes to her store and starts seeing her. They meet again at the University convocation and then at a party afterwords. He invites her out.
But there are secrets of Grey. He tells her that they will have sex only after she signs a contract with him. Ana discovers that he likes sadistic sex and has a “red room of pain” or playroom as he calls it. She is shocked with revelation of such secrets. But she is so in love with him that she doesn’t run away. Rather she slowly accepts him the way he is and is ready to give herself to him. Even Grey starts accepting her wishes and he also surprises himself by wanting more of their relationship.
The book is full of their love/lust stories and their exploration of sexual fantasies. The confusion of an innocent girl and her fight with her conscience is wonderfully described. 
My Views: 
The book is very intriguing, consuming rather. The description of the events (mostly sexual) are given wonderfully. The most attractive part was the inner Goddess of Ana, the most animated character of the book, makes you giggle while showing the mental status of Ana very aptly.
But everything in excess is bad. 75 % of the book is just sex. It feels like we are reading an extend porn story or a collection of porn stories. Describing it in other way in 90% of the book the characters are either having sex or talking about it which is a little turn off. After crossing half mark one tends to start skipping pages which are full of sex and eventually nothing much is missed.
With so much excess of sex i was tending to give it a two of five. But the language and the way of story telling earns it 3.5 or even a 4. 
Hopes are high as I start reading the second book.

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