Fifty Shades Darker by E L James

Genre: Thriller, Fiction, Dark Sex, Sadism
Date Completed: 3rd August, 2012
Overall Rating: 4.0/5

Fifty Shades Darker is the second book of the Fifty shades trilogy by E L James.  The books are written in continuation and the reader does not feel any jump or break in the story.


The book starts from the book one ended. Ana has broken up with Christian Grey because of his dark secrets and considering him as a sadist. But she can’t control her feelings. Grey is also in a similar sort of situation and is completely broken and is not able to live without her. He meets her again and urges her to come back to his life. That too without any contract. He is changed to a great extent and is ready to leave his past behind and do away with the “playroom”.
Ana comes back to his life and finds her man changing a lot for her. She likes it but is also uncomfortable as she feels he is trying too hard to change for her and she does not want him to change just for her. She also fears that she is not good enough for him and after a few days he might find someone else who could come up to his expectations.
They keep moving on their life but the past keeps on haunting them in one form or the other. Both of them decide to be with each other whatever happens. Ana with her mind full of curiosity keeps on knowing more and more dark secrets about Grey and also starts living with them. Grey eventually also proposes her for marriage.

My Views:

The book is very much gripping, the story wonderfully written with really romantic and most thrilling turn of events. The negative part of the first book i.e. excessive mention of sex is neutralized in this and it offers a perfect mixture of every thing. The inner Goddess of Ana, the animated character keeps on entertaining you.
One important part of the book is the lesson that Love does not mean that you need to change your lover as per your needs and you like to accept them as they are and the same time you must be willing to understand other person’s needs and bring a few changes in yourself without any condition.


A wonderful story telling ability of the author makes the book a real page turner and rather very addictive. The turn of the events are really exciting. A must read trilogy.


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