The Wait

The praying lips,
a blank gaze,
her grey hair scattered over a wrinkled face ,
her watery eyes idly watching the road,
sitting on the doorstep,
for her legs are trembling,
almost deaf but still attentive ears,
she hears something,
stands up taking support of knees,
slightly bent,
A shadow from the moonlit night,
enters the house,

her son; drunk and shaky,
pushes her out of the way
and falls half on the bed, half hanging in the air,
she puts his legs on the bed and covers him,
kisses his forehead,
sighs with a relief,
a little smile,
still praying lips; now thanking God,
She lies on the floor
and a tear drops from corner of her eye,
She is a over concerned
she is a rustic mother

🙂 aapkamitrgss
Gurnam Singh Sodhi
30th August, 2012


2 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. Manveen Kaur says:

    Nice one…. you should write more in English

  2. thanks… will surely try 🙂

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