True Friends

Two friends,
Milk And Water,
together they are one,
nothing separates them,
or identify them apart,
one gives his identity to other,
the colour,
the taste,
his entire self.

Water, also a true friend,
when boiled, 
it comes to save his friend,
gives his life,
loses himself to vapors,

And upset milk,
tries to follow his friend,
falls and falls out of the container,
burning hot,
nothing can calm him,
but only a sprinkle of water,
a touch of his friend,
a comforting hand on his shoulder,
that they will be together again.

🙂 aapkamitrgss
Gurnam Singh Sodhi
8th September, 2012


2 thoughts on “True Friends

  1. Differently awesome.. Awesomely Interesting 😀

  2. :))))))))))thank you poonam ji 🙂

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